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I Read All The Baby Sleep Books So You Don't Have To

I read all the baby sleep books I could get my hands on: Ferber, Sears, Healthy Sleep, Sleeping Through the Night, etc. Here's the summary of all of them.

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Colic in Babies - How to Treat and Cope With Colic | familydoctor.org

Colic in babies is crying that lasts for more than 3 hours a day at least 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks. Learn how to treat and cope with colic.

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Pampers is making a 'smart' diaper. Yes, really

It's come to this: Babies may soon be wearing Pampers smart diapers.

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10 Weird Things That Happen When You Bring Baby Home From The Hospital, According To Moms

You've had a baby. Congratulations! Your life will never be the same. No really, like never. As a mother of two, I can tell you that every day is an adventure. That's the word us veterans say to the rookies because "adventure" sounds better than

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Tummy Time: When to Start and How to do

Wondering when to start baby on tummy time? Learn why tummy time is important to baby development and how it make fun.

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The Science of "Mom Brain" | Psychology Today

Has parenting made you more forgetful? Emotional? Ever blame it on "mom brain"? Here's the science behind how our brains might change after becoming a parent.

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The Struggle Is Real: Baby Sleep Problems Can Lead To Parental Depression

Most parents of newborns know the struggle that comes with getting babies to sleep through the night. Now a recent study shows baby sleep problems may actually lead to depression for some.

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What the First Year of Life Looks Like Through the Eyes of a Baby | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.