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This Is Exactly How Much Inflation Has Cost Average Americans Under Biden

To maintain the same standard of living that Americans had at the beginning of Biden's term, households have to spend an additional $11,434 per year.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Absolutely Blasted for Gaslighting on Prices and Thanksgiving Dinner

 Thanksgiving is upon us, and if you were the one buying the food, you probably weren't happy with the bill. Food costs have skyrocketed under the Biden administration, and this year's holiday season is no different.

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California electricity pricing exploded in the last three years, far outpacing inflation

Energy Toolbase’s latest analysis reveals, following six years of stable, inflation-adjusted electricity prices, California’s electricity bills have surged, increasing nearly three times faster than the Consumer Price Index.

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If You Were Hoping Travel Would Get Cheaper in 2024, We Have Bad News

According to new data from travel insurance marketplace Squaremouth, the average cost of a trip is up 20% in 2023 compared to 2022. Travel prices are expected to continue to rise in 2024.

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PODCAST | Warning Against The Fed’s Quest For A Central Bank Digital Currency

Listen now (46 min) | If you regularly read or listen – hopefully you do both – you know I am no fan of the Federal Reserve. From its genesis on Jekyll Island to its mishandling of crisis after crisis to its unholy relationship with the World Bankers

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PODCAST | The More You Know About The Federal Reserve…

LISTEN NOW | The Federal Reserve is not your friend; it is not something that protects you, even though they have its minion FDIC, it is something that fleeces the taxpayers, manipulates the value of money, and it is increasingly proprietary when it comes

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Sen. Rick Scott Demands Explanation For Biden Regime’s Lies About Wildly Inflated Q2 Employment Numbers

The Biden administration appears to have lied about adding more than a million jobs in the second quarter of this year to mitigate economic data that showed the…

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The Average American Family Has Lost Thousands Under Biden

The consumer price index increased 0.1% in November, up 7.1 % from November 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

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Inflation’s Impact on Employees and the Workplace | Workplace Coach Blog

Inflation's impact on employees and the workplace: financial worries and other the stunning survey results

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How Obama's Big Economic Lie Caused Our Inflation Crisis

The Biden admin believed their own lies and excuses from a decade ago. They will come up with new ones to explain their current disaster.

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4 of the Cheapest States To Live In Right Now

Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in right now, but here are a few more you might not have known about.

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‘I Got That’: Biden Claims People Who Are Hurting Because Of Inflation Need To ‘Put This In Perspective’

President Joe Biden (D) tried to downplay during an interview that aired on Sunday the skyrocketing inflation rates that have erupted under his presidency, saying that people need to put things in “perspective.”

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Pay up, travelers: Why hard times may prompt new hotel fees

Don't look now, but resort fees are poised to make a comeback. The number of hotels charging these fees is down 17%  from 2018.

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PODCAST | The Speech Backdrop That Sets The Tone For 2022 & 2024

The Biden administration and its handlers (or should I say the fascist cabal that is now in control in Washington, DC), have telegraphed its playbook. Their strategy for the midterms and 2024 is to run against Donald Trump again, regardless of whether he

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PODCAST | The Mainstream Media Can Be Leashed If We Make It About Policy

In the wake of President Biden's insanely coercive and authoritarian speech that sought to further cement the divide in our country as we approach the Midterm Elections, we see that the puppet masters of the Left - Obama 2.0 - are telegraphing their

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PODCAST | Time To Examine The Worth Of The 'Progressive' Movement?

The turn of the 20th Century introduced fascism to the United States. Under Woodrow Wilson - and continuing under Franklin Roosevelt, the system of government the Framers created ceased to exist because a fundamental protection for the states was removed

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PODCAST | Replacing the Cult of Personality with an Honest Policy Discussion

The Midterm Elections are just months away and the radical Left, the Biden administration, its Obama 2.0 masters, and the mainstream media want to make the election a rehash of the anti-Trump campaign they executed successfully in 2020. The task at hand i

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ARTICLE & PODCAST | What Has Progressed Under Progressivism?

As we prepare for the onslaught of propaganda that is coming our way (from both sides) during the lead-up to the Midterm Elections, we all need to take a step back from the preferred narratives being foisted upon us by the political Left and mainstream me

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CBS reports breaking news about the Dems’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ (Shocker: ‘They waited to report this until after it passed’)

Imagine Biden/Dem approval if they didn't have so many water carriers in the media.

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Joe Biden Boasts 'Zero Inflation' in July, Cost of Food and Rent Still Rising

Joe Biden boasted that the U.S. economy experienced zero inflation in the month of July, even though costs are still up.

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The Fakest Show On Earth

With the passage of the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act," which actually raises taxes on every financial class and carves out almost $400B for green energy cronies, the politicians in Washington prove they are as fake as the Cardiff Giant.

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‘There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute’

It’s a famous quote erroneously attributed to the circus and sideshow king P.T. Barnum, who also dabbled in politics: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And while the quote was likely coined by a corrupt banker (imagine that), the notion was no

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VP Harris Breaks Tie, Senate Passes Democrats’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Climate, Tax, and Spending Bill

Democrats in the Senate voted along party lines on Sunday to pass the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

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PODCAST | The Inflation Reduction Act: When Politics Masquerades As Government

With the looming passage of the poorly-named Inflation Reduction Act, Senate Democrats are proving that the well-being of the nation's citizens comes in second to bullying through even a few of their radically fascist agenda. Hundreds of economists s

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How smart employers are helping staff cope with inflation | VentureBeat

The right HR strategies can go a long way towards helping employees cope with the increased cost of living.

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Biden Adviser: Reconciliation Bill Doesn’t Raise Tax Rates, It Just Requires Paying ‘Minimal Fair Share’ to Generate Revenue

On Thursday's broadcast of CNN's "The Lead," Senior Adviser to President Joe Biden Gene Sperling claimed that the reconciliation deal announced by Senate | Clips

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White House Refuses to Say What Its Definition of a ‘Recession’ Is

Most people believe we’re already in a recession, and it is widely expected that we’ll learn this week that the U.S. economy shrank for the second consecutive quarter — meaning we’ve offic...

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Yellen: We’re Not In A ‘Recession,’ We’re In A ‘Transition In Which Growth Is Slowing’

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed that the United States economy is not in a recession but rather a “period of transition in which growth is slowing.”

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What Recession? You Won't Believe Biden's Latest Goalpost Adjustment

When is a recession not a recession? When Presidentish Joe Biden says it ain’t, Jack.
Axios reported that White House economic advisors on Thursday moved the goalposts on what a recession is. Th...

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PODCAST | When Does Ideological Activism Cost Too Much?

In the aftermath of reports that an illegal alien has been arrested for repeatedly raping a 10-year-

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PODCAST | In The Face Of Tragedy, Score One For The Good Guys

Yet another indignant spawn product of the entitled generation took to shooting innocent people because of his unaddressed psychosis only to have his evil deed cut short by a quick-thinking individual - trained and licensed to concealed carry. Then, as we

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‘Reckless’: House Approves Billions More In Spending As Inflation Rages

The House of Representatives approved a massive billion-dollar defense spending plan on Thursday even as some Republicans raised concerns about inflation and the military’s vaccine mandate.

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What Is Inflation? | PragerU

Look for the source of a society’s collapse, and you’ll usually find the i-word (inflation) at its core. So what exactly is inflation? How does it work? Why…

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AGAIN: Joe Biden Falsely Claims That the United States Has a Lower Inflation Rate Than Most of the World

Joe Biden repeated a debunked lie about inflation during a press conference Thursday at a NATO summit in Spain. In response to a reporter's question…

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Biden Admin To Families Suffering High Gas Costs: ‘This Is About The Future Of The Liberal World Order’

Brian Deese, White House Director of the National Economic Council, said during a CNN interview Thursday afternoon that American families who were suffering from historic gas prices needed to understand that it was for “the future of the liberal world order,” even if they can’t afford it.

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U.S. Inflation Rate Soars to 8.6%, Highest in 41 Years

Inflation accelerated again in May, defying expectations that price hikes had peaked earlier this year. | Economy

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Washington State Gas Stations Run Out of Gas, Add a Digit to Charge $10 Per Gallon

Soon we’ll be lookin’ back on the “good ol’ days” when gas was $8.99 a gallon and you could actually find it.
Here is another one for the “you get what you vote for...

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Historic! Gas Prices Over $4 a Gallon in All 50 States for the First Time Ever

Joe Biden is just an old white guy and will never be as cool as the first black president, but he just achieved something historic — the highest gas prices ever

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The Establishment's Terror About Cryptocurrency And Why They Need To Destroy It

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are striking fear into the souls of the financial elite. From the US federal government to the Federal Reserve and the Security & Exchange Commission, the International Monetary Fund to the World Bank, the manipu

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Feds Report the Obvious: COVID Welfare Checks Contributed To Inflation

Americans are learning a powerful lesson about central banking and political pandering... And the lesson is going to deliver more economic pain.

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Inflation up 8.5% from year ago, 40-year high, according Labor Department's March CPI report

Consumer prices started increasing in U.S. before Russia's war in Ukraine and have continued to rise, with the cost of gasoline major factor

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Farmers on the Brink

We are at the onset of a global famine of historic proportions.

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U.S. Inflation February 2022: Hits Fresh 40-Year High of 7.9% Before Oil Spike

U.S. consumer price gains accelerated in February to a fresh 40-year high, consistent with rapid inflation that’s become even more pronounced following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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After Legal Setback, Biden Halts Oil and Gas Leases Even as Oil Nears $100 A Barrel

A federal judge blocked the Biden administration from deploying new rules that would have included the "social cost of carbon" when granting energy drilling leases. So the Biden administration imposed indefinite delay in planned oil and gas lease sales on

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How Biden and the Democrats Reignited Inflation - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

As has been widely reported, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the latest inflation numbers last Thursday, and they...

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Why, Really, Is Everything So Expensive? - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Don’t blame Domino’s for altering its $7.99 chicken wings carryout deal from 10 to eight pieces. Blame Washington. Don’t blame...

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Inflation Is Ruining My Family’s Christmas Gift-giving | National Review

And no, ‘greedy meat conglomerates’ are not to blame. The Biden administration is.

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Joy Reid Dismisses Inflation as GOP 'Buzzword,' Insists 'The Economy Isn't Bad'

MSNBC’s The ReidOut host Joy Reid decided on Wednesday to channel NBC chief business correspondent and MSNBC colleague Stephanie Ruhle in dismissing the economic pain Americans are facing amid rising inflation, calling it a “buzzword bandwagon” by Republi

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Annual Inflation Rate Soars to Levels Not Seen Since Obama

As expected, inflation exploded in May seeing the consumer price index surge by 5 percent over the past twelve months. This represents...

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Biden Delusional on Gas Prices, Says They Are ‛Well In-Line’ With Average

In a statement that defies the reality every American is feeling at the pump, the Biden administration is rebuking criticism that its...

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Obama Treasury Secretary Warns Spendthrift Biden Is Creating Hyperinflation

When a former Clinton and Obama-ite writes an op-ed about how the Biden administration is bringing the country to the edge of the...

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BREAKING: Inflation SKYROCKETS To Highest Levels Since Great Recession, Follows Disastrous Jobs Report

President Joe Biden received further negative news Wednesday about the economic environment in the U.S. under his leadership as newly released numbers show that the economy is overheating and inflation is growing at an even higher rate than anticipated.

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Tame Inflation Shows Tariffs Are Not Taxing American Consumers | Breitbart

Consumer prices once again demonstrate that American households are not being squeezed by tariffs on metals and China imports. | Economy

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Wages and salaries jump by 3.1%, highest level in a decade

Employment costs rose more than expected in the third quarter in a sign that more inflation could be brewing in the U.S. economy.

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The Fed's Lael Brainard Doesn't Fear Inflation or a Trade War - Bloomberg

When Fed governors speak, listen carefully. What you hear might surprise you.