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SJP and JVP At Columbia University Admit To Breaking Rules of Their Suspension

About a month ago, New York's Columbia University announced that it was suspending the activities of SJP and JVP

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UPDATED: “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP): What the Media is Concealing

What is 'Jewish Voice for Peace'? It is an anti-Semitic hate group that masquerades as a Jewish social justice, peace-promoting organization. And the mainstream

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JVP: Israel's memorial days created to promote 'harmful' narrative

"Israeli leaders intentionally designed the sequence of these fabricated, secular holidays," to promote "harmful Zionist narratives," argued Jewish Voice for Peace.

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Outrage Erupts at Antisemitism Panel Featuring Noted Antisemites

And advertisement for an upcoming panel co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace. Photo: screenshot. Outrage erupted on Twitter over the …

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Jewish Voice for Peace Mocks Jewish Practice and Belief | Israellycool

In case you weren't already convinced that Jewish Voice for Peace is about as Jewish as a ham sandwich, they have posted this video on Instagram