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SCOTUS To Rule If Jack Smith's Get-Trump Charges Are Even Crimes

As the Fischer case may soon prove, the convictions Special Counsel Jack Smith seeks may be for crimes that don’t exist.

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Supreme Court Could Kill Jack Smith's Case With One Ruling

A ruling in Trump's favor would effectively end any chances of prosecuting the former president for election interference.

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PODCAST | The Beginning Of The Greatest Divide

LISTEN NOW | The neo-fascist Left of the Democrat Party – formerly known as the Progressives – which has run roughshod over the Democrat Party for the last, at least, thirty years, is a minority. They're a vocal minority; they're a bully min

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Jack Smith May Have Doomed His Case Against Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team has acknowledged they incorrectly claimed that they had submitted all the necessary evidence as mandated by the law in the classified documents case against Don...

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Special Counsel Investigating Trump Was Key Figure In IRS Targeting Scandal

Jack Smith was involved in the scandal regarding the IRS's targeting of conservative political groups with special reviews.