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Biden Admin Takes Cues From Hitler to Label Jewish Goods From ‘Occupied Territory'

 Is anyone still pretending that Joe Biden supports Israel? I’ve never actually believed Biden was ever really on Israel’s side. From the earliest moments after the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, Biden’s actions have spoken louder than words.

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Time for Honesty: Tough Questions for my Jewish Brothers and Sisters Abroad

Tough Questions for my Jewish Brothers and Sisters Abroad. In Memory of Elisha Loewenstern, HY"D

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Democrat-Led Anti-Israel Bill Relies on Research From Designated Terror Group

A Democrat-led bill condemning Israel’s so-called military occupation of Palestinian lands relies on research from an Israeli-designated terrorist organization.

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How antisemitism in Arab media infiltrates the West

English language editors are often unaware of the hate their platforms publish in Arabic.

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Tlaib’s shameful weaponization of the Elie Wiesel Genocide Act against Israel

The Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Act was passed by Congress in 2018 to focus national resources and attention on genocidal conflicts around the world. My father survived the Holocaust and made it his life’s work to give voice to the voiceless. From

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Judicial reform advances in Knesset after heated debate

  The Knesset passed the first two pieces of legislation related to the government’s judicial reform plan following a noisy

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LAPD Arrests Suspect with ‘Animus’ Towards Jewish Community in Dual Shooting of Orthodox Jews

Young Israel of Century City Synagogue, Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles (Photo: Google Maps Screenshot) The Los Angeles Police Department announced …

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Parents are waking up to the Israeli education system’s anti-Jewish agenda

Activist parents say progressive groups are seeking to empty Israeli education of its Jewish content to suit their left-wing ideology.

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Pilgrimage to Joseph's Tomb an increasingly perilous journey

Every visit to the Jewish holy site in Nablus since March has been attacked by terrorists.

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NYT publishes crossword puzzle resembling swastika

“This is the NYTimes crossword puzzle today on the first day of Hanukka. What the hell, @nytimes?” Democratic Strategist Keith Edwards tweeted.

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Brandeis Center: FBI Report Grossly Understated Antisemitic Crimes

“During an epidemic of antisemitism and other forms of violent hate, Americans need accurate information.”

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New poll reveals far left’s embrace of anti-Semitic tropes

Four-fifths of self-identified “progressive” and “very liberal” likely voters in the U.S. believe Jewish Americans have “unfair advantages” that need to be addressed, according to Jewish Institute for Liberal Values survey.

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S.C. Dem House hopeful wants to ‘be VERY clear’ about holding Jews accountable for ‘their LONG history of anti-blackness

"David Duke would be proud."

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Pittsburgh rabbi receives hate mail for saying Trump would be welcome: 'We need to be better than this'

Jeffrey Myers, the Pittsburgh rabbi who watched as 11 of his congregants were gunned down during Saturday services, says he has become a political target and is receiving hate mail for saying he would welcome President Trump to his place of prayer.