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GOP Rep Calls for Impeachment Inquiry After Biden Energy Secretary Granholm Lies Under Oath

 Before we begin, I gotta first get this off my chest.

Other than Hillary Clinton, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is the most smugly arrogant political hack in the country. And, yes — I'm aware that the Democrat bench in that department is deep.

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‘They Don’t Know How They Sound’: Critics Roast Energy Secretary For Telling Poor People To Buy Solar Panels

Critics absolutely roasted Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after she suggested that lower to middle class Americans could fight the rising cost of living by investing thousands in solar panels and other green energy initiatives.

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House Oversight Committee Investigating Granholm's Green Energy Investments

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm's relationship with green energy company Proterra is being investigated by the House Oversight Committee due to potential conflict of interest created by her multimillion dollar investment.

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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Says ‘Pipe Is the Best Way’ to Transport Fuel After Admin Canceled Keystone Pipeline

Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm admitted the best way to transport fuel across parts of the country is pipelines, contradicting Biden policy.

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The Biden Administration: Nothing Like a Heaping Helping of Crony Capitalism

It wasn’t too long ago that Democrats used to excoriate Republicans for their connections to big business and the corporate sector. But...

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MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Permanently Banned from Twitter

Staunch Trump ally and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has been permanently banned from the social media platform Twitter for

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Biden’s Energy Secretary Nominee Will Make Over $5m When She Leaves Private Sector, Joins Government

As a windfall to her nomination as Energy Secretary by President Joe Biden, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm stands to