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Jeremy Corbyn, Official Jew Hater

We now have it in writing: Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

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Anti-Semitic Views Held by Over Two Thirds of Dedicated Corbyn Supporters

A new study finds that more than two thirds of dedicated Corbyn supporters hold anti-Semitic views.

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Antisemitism, Israel-Hatred Rife at Pro-Palestinian Demonstration Endorsed by UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn | Jew

Antisemitic placards at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in London. Photo: courtesy Campaign Against Antisemitism. Antisemitism and virulent Israel-hatred were rife on …

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Ocasio-Cortez Praises Notorious Anti-Semitic British Political Leader

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) praised notorious anti-Semitic Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday following an apparent phone conversation the two far-left politicians had.