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Watch Jerry Seinfeld put DEI advocate to shame in 30 seconds

When a certain “asexual white weirdo,” in the words of Dave Rubin, made his way onto Jerry Seinfeld’s show, he was quick to point out the surplus of “white males” on the host’s other talk show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” But all it took was 30 se

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Jerry Seinfeld lands in Israel in show of solidarity

Seinfeld landed in the country to express solidarity with the nation following the horrific massacre that occurred on October 7.


‘He’s an American, You Idiots!’ Social Media Erupts After Protest of Jerry Seinfeld Show Over His Israel Support - 'He's

Social media users called a large pro-Palestinian protest outside Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up comedy show in downtown Syracuse, New York, "misguided" and said that targeting him for being an American Jew who supports Israel was antisemitic. Hundreds of acti

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Jerry Seinfeld Says He's On The Autism Spectrum During Interview With Brian Williams

Jerry Seinfeld sat down with Brian Williams on NBC's "Nightly News" on Thursday and said he believes he has autism. "I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I'm on the spectrum," Seinfeld said. When asked to explain, t...

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What's the Deal With "What's the Deal With..."? Did Seinfeld Actually Say it? | Mental Floss

The phrase, "What's the deal with..." is so synonymous with a specific brand of '90s observational comedy, I bet you just read those words in Jerry Seinfeld's voice. It's funny because he always said it! Or did he?

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Jerry Seinfeld Proves He Knows How To Make A Good Ad With These Witty Acura Commercials

Jerry Seinfeld has teamed up with Acura once again to create eight ads that will air during his web series

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What's The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld's 60th Birthday?

Hello, Jerry.

April 29 marks another milestone for famous comedian and TV legend Jerry Seinfeld. No, it's not another award-winning television show about nothing — Seinfeld is turning 60. The big 6-0.