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Antisemitism? My Coworkers’ Cheers for Hamas Shocked Me | Workplace Coach Blog

Antisemitism? My Coworkers' Cheers for Hamas Shocked Me. The stunning instances of antisemitism in workplace and else today.

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“Why I am a Jew” | Whiteboard Video Animation | Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

“Why I am a Jew” | Whiteboard Video Animation | Rabbi Jonathan Sacks “The deepest question any of us can ask is: Who am I? To answer it we have to go deeper than, Where do I live? or What do I do? The most fateful moment in my life came

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Victor Rosenthal - Ending the Humiliation

Victor Rosenthal – Ending the Humiliation When the muhtasib or his agent comes to collect the jizya, he should stand the dhimmi in front of him, slap him on the side of the neck and say: “Pay the jizya, unbeliever.” The  dhimmi will take his ha

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Dr. Zohar Raviv The Wondering Jew Series - Who Makes the Whole in the Donut

http://israelseen.com/shows/Zohar12813.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More      We are very fortunate to once again have Dr. Zohar Raviv present a series of lectures in English sponsored by Alma College in Tel Avi

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Muslim Imam Bashes "Delusional" Louis Farrakhan in Front of a Jewish Audience

Imam of Peace opened up on his honest thoughts about Farrakhan, and some of the high profile people he has influenced, in front of a Jewish audience in NYC.