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Halacha (Jewish law) is not pro-choice

To state that Halacha is pro-choice is the equivalent of claiming that Halacha is pro-theft or pro-lying concerning the Torah’s prohibition to steal and its requirement to be honest.

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Why No Tefillin at Night or on Shabbat? - Tefillin

Tefillin are worn daily by Jewish men and boys aged 13 and older, except for on Shabbat and Torah holidays.

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UNPACKED - Watch: The Mishnah - Writing Down Jewish Law

UNPACKED – Watch: The Mishnah – Writing Down Jewish Law With the destruction of the Second Temple, the rabbis feared for the survival of Jewish life and practice. After generations of strong leaders kept learning alive, the Oral Law was writte

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May I Join a Protest on Shabbat? - Questions & Answers

While an action may be halachically permitted, it may not be in keeping with the spirit of Shabbat and is therefore avoided.