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Public School Districts Are Chasing Out Their Jews

The Ann Arbor, Michigan, public school board apparently thinks their work would be easier if the Jews would just take a hint. The teachers in the famously

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What Can the Hebrew Word for “Parenting” Teach You?

The Latin word parente, the origin of the English word parent, means to bring forth, to give birth, or to produce, highlighting the physical role parents play in the creation of a child.

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Voices From Israel: Bruria Efune, a Mother of Four From Be’er Sheva

‘Your heart is racing, but you need to show your kids that you’re calm. . . ’

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9 Ways to Stay Sane With Kids at Home - Insight & Commentary

Rediscover your inner child and play along. Be flexible. Resisting is not going to help in this particular situation.

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10 Ways to Help an Especially Sensitive Child - Parenting

How can I help her become stronger so she can survive in a world that’s not always fair and tactful, and so that she’s not constantly suffering a maelstrom of emotion?