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Chanukah: Independence & Defiance, Not Tolerance - Joshua Namm

Far from a “minor” holiday, Chanukah is more crucial than ever.

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Jews, never give up!

In every generation, they rise against us, but in a generation where everyone seems to be rising against us, what must we do?

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Too Many Jews Are Being Silenced About Our Racialized Experiences - Jew in the City

For most of elementary school, I was the only Jewish girl in a class of over eighty kids. There were a couple of Jewish boys. While I was secular during my childhood, everyone in school knew I was a Jew. A neighbor called me a “Jewish jerk” and made guttu

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Pride And Anxiety: 23 American Jews on choosing to wear their Jewishness

American Jews talk about wearing their Jewishness, as a response to rising anti-Semitism.