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Rage Applying: An Act of Revenge Against A Problem Employer | Workplace Coach Blog

Rage-applying: an act of revenge against a problem employer--the results when employees use it and other, better options.

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5 red flags that make recruiters scroll past your LinkedIn profile

It is critical to use the same style standards for your LinkedIn profile that you would use for your résumé.

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9 Things That Interviewers Really Want To Hear From You In The Interview

The goal is to portray yourself as someone who wants to help contribute, has done your homework and arrives prepared.

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The words to delete from your resume ASAP

What are your least favorite resume words? My own is "utilize" — there isn't a single instance I can think of where it would be inappropriate to substitute "use." Every time I read "utilize" on a resume I always feel like the writer is trying to be unnecessarily fancy.