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Where Now and Then lands on the Beatles' all-time greatest songs list

We ranked every Beatles song. Here's where Now and Then landed after it was released.

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Julian Lennon Awaits Private Sit-Down With Paul McCartney, Who Promised ‘Stories About Your Dad I’ve Never Told Anybody’ (Video)

Julian Lennon has a lot he wants to hear from Paul McCartney about his legendary father, John. If only they could find the time to chat.

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Hear the original demo for The Beatles' 'Don't Let Me Down'

While putting pieces of the song together, John Lennon experimented with the structure of The Beatles' B-side 'Don't Let Me Down'.

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The Iconic Rickenbacker 325 Has a Story Like No Other Electric Guitar

Favored by John Lennon, this short-scale model was the first in Rickenbacker’s defining Capri range

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The Beatles: Abbey Road, throat lozenges, and the frenetic making of Please Please Me

On the 60th anniversary of ‘Please Please Me’, Mark Beaumont takes a deeper look into the 12 hours and £400 spent making the legendary debut that lit the fuse for Beatlemania and ignited rock’n’roll’s second phase

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10 great songs that were wasted on bad albums

There are plenty of albums that are trainwrecks from start to finish, but these songs from Paul McCartney and the likes had the right idea for a little while.

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John Lennon's Final Days

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Monday, December 8, 1980, John Lennon was gunned down in front of his New York City apartment building by an obsessed fan. This is the story of the days leading up to that tragedy.

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Poignant photo series shows late musicians as they might look today

Had the great Freddie Mercury not succumbed to illness in 1991, he would have turned 76 earlier this month. And while we'll never know what turns the late Queen frontman's career might have

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Paul McCartney on his favourite John Lennon scene in Beatles Get Back

PAUL MCCARTNEY has seen Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back and has revealed his favourite John Lennon scenes that warmed his heart the most.

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Paul McCartney performed "I’ve Got A Feeling" alongside footage of John Lennon last night

McCartney played the Beatles track with video of Lennon taken from the group's famous rooftop concert

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6 Songs You Didn’t Know John Lennon and Paul McCartney Wrote for Other Artists - American Songwriter

The songwriting partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney stretched well beyond their songs for The Beatles. Throughout their careers, the duo wrote songs for other artists, together and individually, spreading hits out to the likes of The Rolling Sto

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Exclusive: John Lennon Biopic Is Nearing Reality as Script is Finished by “Bohemian Rhapsody” Writer

The big news in the Beatles world right now is that a John Lennon biopic is nearing its pre-production launch. Still untitled, the Lennon movie would be the first real authorized big screen biography of a Beatle. The movie is produced by Yoko Ono with her

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Paul McCartney: "I had been able to accept Yoko sitting on a blanket in front of my amp… but then when we broke up, John turned nasty"

The Beatles legend gets candid about the story behind Too Many People and How Do You Sleep? – "It was the 1970s equivalent of what might today be called a diss track"

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All You Need to Know About John Lennon's Favorite Rickenbacker Model

The Beatles legend's discovery of the 325 model launched Rickenbacker's British Invasion-era success.

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John Lennon death: What happened on the day The Beatles star was shot? | The Independent

Fans around the world are marking the 41st anniversary of Lennon’s passing this week

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John Lennon death stunned Rolling Stones star - 'I got well drunk on it'

JOHN LENNON died 41 years ago on this day, and the news sent shockwaves around the world. A member of the Rolling Stones was particularly affected by the unbelievable event.

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The Beatles reunite at John Lennon's final British concert

The Beatles reunite at John Lennon's final British concert in 1969 at London's Lyceum when George Harrison took to the stage with The Plastic Ono Band.

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השבועה לירושלים - עקיבא נוף עם ג'ון לנון ויוקו אונו

מילים ולחן: עקיבא נוףשנת הקלטה: 1969הסיפור: ב-1969 כאשר היה סטודנט אלמוני בהולנד, זכה עקיבא נוף לפרסום כעיתונאי הישראלי היחיד שזכה לשוחח בראיון ע

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Israel TV broadcasts clip of John Lennon singing 'Oath to Jerusalem' in Hebrew

On 40th anniversary of his murder, journalist and songwriter Akiva Nof recalls interviewing Beatle in Amsterdam, teaching him words to his song about never abandoning the holy city

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40 years ago tonight, Monday Night Football broke the news of John Lennon's murder

The world has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. (Hell, it has changed dramatically in the last four years. And in the last four months.) On the evening on December 8, 1980, few vehicles other than word of mouth spoken into wall-mounted telephones

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John Lennon Urged Frank Sinatra to Sing 1 of His 'Walls and Bridges' Songs to No Avail

John Lennon thought he had the perfect song for Frank Sinatra on his 5th solo album. Frank didn't take him up on the offer.

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The Beatles: John Lennon on Paul McCartney HOURS before death – ‘I’d do anything for him’

JOHN LENNON had some touching things to say about Paul McCartney in the hours before his untimely death.

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John Lennon at 80: His life in pictures

Friday would have marked the 80th birthday of the late Beatles star John Lennon.

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Colourisation artist brings to life snaps of the Beatles playing small gigs in early 1960s

The stunning images feature drummer Pete Best, who would later be replaced by Ringo Starr, as well as original bass guitarist Stuart Sutcliffe, who left the band to pursue his career as a painter.

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The making of The Beatles: Watch the earliest known footage of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, recorded in 1958

We're stepping back in time with Far Out Magazine's vault to dig out a moment of history after The Beatles were filmed by the Liverpool police force.

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The Beatles: John Lennon estate celebrates Paul McCartney’s 78th Birthday in the BEST way

THE BEATLES star Sir Paul McCartney turned 78-years-old today as the John Lennon estate celebrated his birthday in the best way possible.

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Paul McCartney Talks Lennon Rivalry and Beatles vs. Stones with Howard Stern - Popdust

Earlier this week 77-year-old rock legend <b>Paul McCartney</b> called into <b>The Howard Stern Show</b> to discuss everything from <b>John Lennon</b> and the new <b>Peter Jackson</b> documentary to <b>Chinese wet markets</b> and the old <b>Beatles vs. St

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A new photo of the Beatles lets us see them with fresh eyes

The youthful carefree musicians captured in a way we had forgotten

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Ringo Starr on his new album, missing John Lennon and never growing old

“What’s My Name,” the 20th solo studio album by Ringo Starr arriving Friday, the 79-year-old continues to pad his two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer résumé.

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All Four Beatles Were Originally to Appear in ‘Yesterday’

'Yesterday' writer Richard Curtis reveals how all four members of the Beatles would have been seen in the movie in July 2019.

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Rolling Stones’ ‘Circus,’ once lost and unfinished, will receive a theatrical release

For over two decades, “The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus” was a lost film, unfinished and unseen, more rumor than pop culture memory. Now, in time for the North American leg of the Stones’ ongoing No Filter Tour, “Circus” has been remaster

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Happy Birthday John Lennon: The Beatles Legend In His Own Words

Celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s birthday today by listening to a compilation of interviews by The Beatles legend.

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Paul McCartney says John Lennon would've loved Auto-Tune

Auto-Tune has developed a bad reputation over the years, mostly because it’s egregiously overused, but stylistic tricks like this are only a problem when they’re not used well. Paul McCartney happens to believe he would’ve used it well if Auto-Tone

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John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

John Lennon had almost as many cats as the Beatles had No. 1 hits.

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Yoko Ono to be credited alongside John Lennon as songwriter of 'Imagine'

It's been 46 years since the release of John Lennon's iconic song "Imagine," and Yoko Ono may finally be receiving the credit she deser...

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How the Beatles Really Ended Up at a Garden Party in Brentwood - Los Angeles Magazine

Unpublished photos of the Beatles are increasingly hard to come by, but Alison Martino found a few taken in Los Angeles to twist and shout about

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19 Things Only Beatles Fans Will Find Funny

Because sometimes, all you need is LOLz...and to "move like Lennon."

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Things quickly got weird for John Lennon on The Mike Douglas Show · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

As fans pause to remember John Lennon on the 35th anniversary of his death, there is one clip that summarizes his life and career with incredible efficiency. Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, famously co-hosted the daytime chatfest The Mike Douglas Show for a week in February 1972.

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See ABC's 1980 Broadcast on John Lennon's Death - ABC News

On this day 35 years ago, the world lost an icon when John Lennon was shot outside his New York home by Mark David Chapman. He was 40 years old.

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World celebrates John Lennon's 75th birthday: Life of 'The Beatles' star in 5 iconic pictures

The world celebrates the 75th birthday of legendary singer and songwriter, John Lennon.

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John Lennon at 75: Sadness, Celebration and Conjecture | Candy Leonard

We remember John Lennon as we would a departed family member who inspired us, entertained us, educated us, confused us and gave us endless hours of cool stuff to talk about with our friends.

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John Lennon's Style Through The Years

John Lennon would have been 75 years old today, and while he's been gone for 35 years, his dream of peace is still alive. Thousands joined Yoko Ono in New York City's Central Park this week to celebrate his life by forming a huge peace sign together.

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John Lennon's 75th birthday to be marked Friday in Hollywood

Los Angeles will join several cities worldwide hosting events on Friday to commemorate what would have been John Lennon&rsquo;s 75 th birthday.

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Gillian Reynolds: John Lennon and a look beneath the surface of a flawed hero

Gillian Reynolds reviews Radio 2 and Radio 4's profiles of John Lennon to mark what have been his 75 birthday, plus Bliss Was It in that Dawn and Book of the Week: Everything She Wants

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When John Lennon Was Starting Over - The New York Times

A month before he was murdered, a reflective John Lennon spoke about the demands of making music versus the demands of a family.

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John Lennon: what would he be like at 75?

Receding silver hair tied back in a stringy pony-tail; thick glasses perched on his thin nose, a wiry old man steps creakily into the spotlight, blinking into the vast space where an audience roar their love.

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Double Fantasy: Very Rarely Seen Photos of Yoko Ono and John Lennon | Vanity Fair

Photographer Kishin Shinoyama and Yoko Ono share rare images from their Double Fantasy album shoot.

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John Lennon's 'Paperback Writer' Guitar Sells for $530K to Colts Owner

Jim Irsay explains why he paid half a million dollars for the iconic instrument

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Paul McCartney on John Lennon's Death: 'It Was Just So Horrific' | Rolling Stone

On the 34th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Paul McCartney recalls the moment he heard about the former Beatle's death.