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How Doughnuts Became a Beloved American Treat

From their prehistoric origins to their domination over coffeeshops, doughnuts have a long and fascinating history.

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9 Taco Bell Dishes That Are Actually Healthy

Taco Bell has a surprising variety of healthy options. Here are 8 orders you should try next time you want to live mas (but be healthy).

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Cheap and Easy Meals Top Chefs Ate When They Were Broke

Daniel Boulud, Aarón Sánchez, Peter Serpico -- even culinary hot shots had to start somewhere, and that somewhere often involved hot d...

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Eating Junk Food Raises Cancer Risk, Even for Slim Women

Whether you are slim or obese, one thing is clear: calorie-dense processed foods increase cancer risk, regardless of body weight.

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1990's snacks that would never fly today

When you think back to your most coveted snacks of the 1990's, they were probably geometrically shaped, graced with goofy cartoon faces and/or had more psychedelic colors than your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

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11 of the Most Extreme Junk Foods Ever Created

It should come as no surprise that National Junk Food Day is traditionally celebrated on July 21—smack in the middle of the dog days of summer, when the streets run thick with ice cream trucks and county fairs boast the kind of fried treats that can only be described as “awesome” (both in the modern sense and the more dated, whoa, we are in awe of that usage).

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10 "white trash" foods you need to give a second chance

In which we gloriously celebrate the best foods you stupidly pass over in the gas station.