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Karen Bass Met With a Chinese Influence Group After Intelligence Officials Warned It Was Targeting Local Politicians

American intelligence officials warned last month that the Chinese Communist Party is directing its influence operations at "more pliable" local officials. That could explain why the head of Beijing’s top influence outfit just met with the Democratic mayo

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Mayor Bass Rescinds Garcetti's Final Executive Order to Light Hollywood Sign - MyNewsLA.com

Mayor Karen Bass rescinded former Mayor Eric Garcetti’s final executive directive that would have created a program to illuminate the Hollywood sign, a representative for Bass confirmed Friday. The Los Angeles Times first reported that Bass shut down the

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Homeless Hypocrisy on Full Display as New LA Mayor Karen Bass Is Sworn In

Karen Bass is going to bring Los Angeles more of the same, and more people will head for the exits.

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Karen Bass: ‘We Need International Observers for This Election’

Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Karen Bass (D., Calif.) called for "international observers" of the 2020 election on Thursday, comparing the United States to African nations that recently held elections in need of outside legitimation.

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Democrat Congresswoman: We’ll Impeach Trump Again If He Wins, Bank Records Could Show He’s ‘Owned 100% By The Russians’

Democrat Rep. Karen Bass (CA) said during an interview this week that if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will move to impeach him again and warned that Trump’s bank records could show that he’s &#