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MSNBC’s (Apparently Insane) Katy Tur Floats John Fetterman as Potential Presidential Material: ‘I Know There’s Some Variables’

Katy Tur floated John Fetterman as a potential presidential candidate Tuesday while noting there were "variables" that might complicate such an endeavor.

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Is Gerrymandering Something That Would Help’ Keep GOP Out Of Senate?

On Friday, MSNBC host Katy Tur appeared to believe that the Republicans controlled the U.S. Senate because of gerrymandering, or the lack thereof, even though gerrymandering has nothing to do with how Senators are elected. “In case you missed it, ma

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur Upset Over Trump ‘Flanked By Stern White Military Men’ During Iran Speech

In a truly bizarre attempt to be woke – even by liberal media standards – at the top of her 2:00 p.m. ET hour show on Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur bitterly complained about President Trump being “flanked by stern white military men” during his White H