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Keto Lifestyle 101: The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

The keto lifestyle is blowing up in the nutrition scene because of its ability to help you shed fat, lower inflammation, and increase your brain function. With words like “ketosis” and “ketones”, plus all the talk of macros and fat adaptation, yo

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Keto Food List for Beginners or Restarting the Ketogenic Diet

This keto food list for beginners lays out what to eat on the keto diet, from fats to snacks (and everything in between).

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Histone Acetylation: The Other Superpower of Ketosis

Read about how histone acetylation works, why you want to keep your gene expression in good working order, and how ketosis can help.

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The 16 Best Low-Carb Vegetables – Kiss My Keto Blog

This list includes 16 of the best low carb vegetables you can eat on a keto diet. Most with less than 8 go of net carbs in a serving.

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The Keto Diet Guide - FAQs, Tips, and Science

The keto diet promises all-day energy, weight loss and focus. Here’s what you need to know about the ketogenic diet, and how to get started.

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10 Healthy Condiments to Keep On Hand - Buy or Make at Home!

Condiments can add potent flavor and texture to your food. But many are unhealthy. Keep your pantry & fridge stocked with these healthy condiments instead!

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Best butters and oils on a keto diet | KETO-MOJO

Butters & oils, both of which are mainly fat, are an important part of keto cuisine. They’re not created equal; some oils you’ll want to make part of your diet.

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Are You Getting Enough Protein? How to Find Your Ideal Protein Intake

Get the scoop on different types of protein, their bioavailability, and how much protein to eat for muscle gain, weight loss, and recovery.

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Tracking the Glucose Ketone Index - Heads Up Health

In this post we will examine the glucose ketone index as a biomarker for tracking metabolic health.

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The US government is testing the keto diet to treat veterans' diabetes. Critics say it could have long term health risks

Virta Health is partnering with the VA to offer a low-carb keto diabetes treatment for veterans but critics argue the high-fat diet has health risks.

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Keto's Fans Boost Controversial Diet's Profile

Nearly a century after Mayo Clinic physicians developed it as a last-ditch therapy for epileptic children, the ketogenic diet is back and hitting the mainstream, lauded as everything from a quick way to drop pounds to a promising therapy for neurological

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I Tried Keto for 30 Days — My Keto Testimonial - Dr. Axe

Guest blogger Milica Vladova describes how she suffered from IBS, mood swings and stubborn weight gain for years before she discovered the keto diet. She tried keto for 30 days and not only did it help address those health challenges but many others as we