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That Time When Johnny Cash and Kirk Douglas Had 'A Gunfight'

As the 1960s dawned, Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas became a screen legend with a single role, in the historical epic Spartacus. At around the same time, Johnny Cash, a larger-than-life country-music star, would make an inauspicious big-screen debut in Five Minutes to Live, with results that would suggest he was a much more effective singer than actor.

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Legendary Jewish actor and Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas dead at 103 | The Times of Israel

Son Michael Douglas hails 'a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into his golden years'; star of more than 80 films and major Hollywood philanthropist

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Kirk Douglas, actor and Hollywood legend, dead at 103, family says

Kirk Douglas, one of the most famous American leading men of the mid-20th century remembered for his dimpled chin, chiseled features, and virile Hollywood roles, died Wednesday at the age of 103, his family announced.

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Why I Felt Like a Failure When I Didn't Make It on Broadway | Kirk Douglas

On the stage, I am flesh and blood, not a shadow on the screen. The eye of the movie camera is an evil eye. When you act in front of it, that cyclops keeps taking from you until you feel empty. On the stage, you give something to the audience, more comes

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