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Why Won't Stacey Abrams Just Go Away?!

Listen now (27 min) | One would think that after losing high-profile elections twice in a row, Stacey Abrams - a two-time failed candidate - would go quietly into the mist, especially after claiming that the first election was stolen from her. Alas, that

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South Dakota Legislature Passes Ban on Boys Competing in Girls’ Sports

Athletes in primary schools and colleges in South Dakota will have to compete in sports with peers of ...

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Gov. Kristi Noem: COVID and South Dakota one year later -- what guided our approach from Day One

On March 10, 2020, South Dakota diagnosed our first cases of COVID-19. One year into our fight against the virus our state has some very promising items to report.

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South Dakota Gov. Noem: COVID Didn't Crush the Economy, Government Did

ORLANDO—South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) told the audience at an annual conservative conference on Feb. 27 that ...

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‘You miserable pieces of s*it’: The Daily Beast gets called out for misleading tweet on the death of Gov. Kristi Noem’s grandmother

"The people at @thedailybeast are sick, ruthless, hateful people."