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Jeremy Corbyn, Official Jew Hater

We now have it in writing: Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

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Over half of British anti-Zionists also agree with anti-Jewish stereotypes

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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WTF? Did WaPo’s social media team think they could get away with this ‘repugnant’ whitewashing of Labour Party’s anti-Semitism

In case you hadn’t heard, the British Labour Party’s in some trouble thanks in no small part to the efforts of leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Labour candidate says her song 'From the River to the Sea' ISN'T antisemitic

Alana Bates, who is standing in St Ives defends her band's tune, despite its title being an infamous call for Israel's destruction.

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BDS, Omar Shakir, and Israel Eliminationism | The Jerusalem post

The scale and depth of the effort to remove Israel from the world map was dramatically highlighted in an hour-long BBC documentary on the visceral hatred of the UK Labour party and its leader Corbyn.

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UK Jewish Groups Decry Election of ‘Antisemitic’ Labour Candidate to Parliament

British Jews protesting in London against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: antisemitism.uk Jewish groups in the UK have expressed …

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Snap Expulsion of Key Tony Blair Aide Contrasted With British Labour Party's Reluctance to Discipline Antisemites

Alistair Campbell served as communications director to former British PM Tony Blair. Photo: Reuters / Andrew Winning. Former British Prime …

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‘We Salute You’: Hamas Sends BFF Message to UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Reuters / Pierre Albouy. Ten years after UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn …

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Top UK Jewish Group Urges Labour to 'Look Itself in Mirror' After Party Member's Call for March on Hove Synagogue

Brighton and Hove. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A top British Jewish group has called out the local Labour branch in the …

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British Member of Parliament Falsely Claims Video of Guatamalen Soldiers Beating Youths Actually Shows Israelis | Jewish

UK Labour MP Grahame Morris. Photo: Chris McAndrew. Member of Parliament for the UK’s Labour Party Grahame Morris became the …

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After ‘Shocking’ Exposé, Top UK Jewish Group Says Labour Party Has Treated Antisemitism Complaints With ‘Utter Contempt’

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers the keynote speech at a Labour conference in Liverpool, Britain, Sept. 26, 2016. …

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Britain: The Labour Party’s Response To Anti-Semitism Charges Seems To Confirm Them

A recording leaked from a Labour Party meeting reveals the depth of the party’s depravity, and the challenges it will face as it attempts to correct course.

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UK Newspaper Investigation Uncovers Links Between Top Corbyn Aide and Anti-Israel Terror Groups

Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (R) and Seumas Milne, the Labour Party’s Executive Director of Strategy and Communications (L), …