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What ‘CNN’ left out of its special on anti-Semitism

Why did the network ignore left-wing, black nationalist and Islamist Jew-hatred?

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Justice (and anti-Semitism) you shall pursue

  Over the past week or so we have been witnessing the emergence of a new sort of anti-Semitism in

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The deafening silence of liberal Jewish leadership in the face of BLM anitsemitism

Liberal Jewish leadership has its head firmly planted in the sand, just where it was during the rise of Hitler. Op-ed.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Leftist antisemitism that pretends to be anti-racism is still antisemitism

What do you call it when someone insults a group of people when the only thing known about them is they are religious Jews?

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Why left-wing anti-Semitism is just as bad as white supremacy

Bari Weiss, opinion writer at The New York Times, explores why it’s happening and what to do about it in her new book “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” (Crown), out now.

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Women's March Leader Apologizes for Sharing Post Blaming 'American Jewish Establishment' for New Zealand Shootings

Women's March co-chair Bob Bland shared a Facebook post last week blaming the “American Jewish Establishment” for the deadly attacks at the two New Zealand mosques, but later apologized by blaming her two kids for her not being “mindful” whe