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ALERT: Taylor Lorenz Tries To Murder Trans Activist Who Tanked Bud Light Sales

What happened: Taylor Lorenz, the 38-year-old journalist best known for helping Red China indoctrinate America's youth, attempted to literally murder Dylan Mulvaney, the controversial trans activist best known for tanking Bud Light sales after promoting t

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What if the Capitol Rioters Had Been Democrats and Ashli Babbitt a Black Woman?

Isn’t it remarkable how well order can be maintained when a clear desire to have it so is manifested?
President Biden’s inauguration went off without even a hint of the violence seen a week earlier, w...

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RARE: Chris Wallace Asks Biden Aide Why the COVID Double Standard on Large Lefty Protests?

Here's a dramatic difference in network Sunday shows. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Biden spokesperson Symone Sanders why there's a double-standard, that mass street protests against the police aren't "super spreader" events. S

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ABC And CBS Just Colluded To Fire A Whistleblower. The Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking.

Remember this the next time you hear someone in the media fret about “protecting whistleblowers.” After footage leaked of an ABC reporter complaining about higher-ups killing her Jeffrey Epstein story and preventing her from reporting on it fo