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The Morning Briefing: ACB Is In, Now Let's Savor Watching Liberals Freak Out Over Nothing

How fitting that those of us of a certain political persuasion have something to celebrate this morning, just one week away from what is almost certain to be an absolute you-know-what-show of an election.

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Protesters Shout Down Henry Kissinger During NYU Event: ‘Rot in Hell!’

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger faced angry protestors during his visit at New York University this week. 

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Leftists Attacked Woman Behind Kavanaugh For 'White Power' Hand Signal. She Just Trolled Them Like A Boss.

After Zina Bash, a former clerk for Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was sitting behind him on Tuesday, was ridiculously accused by the Left (as they erupted in paroxysms of hysteria) of flashing a “white power” sign as she made the “OK”

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Today's Hysteria Over Trump Is Worse Than The McCarthy Era

You and I are living through the greatest mass hysteria in American history. For many Americans, the McCarthy era held that dubious distinction, but what is happening now is incomparably worse.

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SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh used credit cards to buy baseball tickets and Shannon Watts is suspicious

If there's any reason to oppose Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS, it's certainly this.