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5 Amazing New Discoveries About Light - Nautilus

Invisible cloaks. Ghost imaging. Scientists are manipulating light in ways that were once only science fiction.

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Barry Shaw – Drifting Misled Jews! Return to the Light!

Barry Shaw – Drifting Misled Jews! Return to the Light! To our lost liberal fellow Jews, Chanukah is an awkward time. They twist themselves into a pretzel trying to reimagine the Menorah as some symbol of light that unites all the victims of humanit

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z”l – 8 Short Thoughts on Hanukkah

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z”l – 8 Short Thoughts on Hanukkah H/T Aish.com 1. Inspired by faith, we can change the world Twenty-two centuries ago, when Israel was under the rule of the empire of Alexander the Great, one particular leader, Antiochus

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Color-Changing LEDs Could Reset the Circadian Rhythm

Schools and hospitals are using specialized LEDs to combat the damage of indoor living.

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Too much light weakens bones and changes immune system

Research in mice suggests that continuous exposure to light has wide-ranging effects on health, a worrying finding for people who do shift work

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Moringa: 46 Antioxidants & 90 Nutrients

  There is one superfood that has changed my life. When I decided to go on my vegan six month trial, I remember one of my friends taking me to a tea shop that had a number of superfoods and te…

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How Does Light Travel? - Universe Today

Since ancient times, scientists have debated the true nature of light. Despite the progress we've made, there are still mysteries left to be resolved

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Light Over Darkness | Jlife

Light is the overarching, central, definitive metaphor for Jewish understanding of all of reality…

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This Video Lets You Travel at the Speed of Light (Sort Of)

Riding Light is a 45-minute short film/animation that attempts to recreate what it would be like to hitch a ride on the back of a photon and travel from the core of the sun to beyond the orbit of Jupiter. Be prepared to feel completely insignificant.