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Of Course: LA Times Falsely Blames Home Sales in ‘Palestinian’ Land for Attacks on LA Jews

The Los Angeles Times has found a culprit for the violent attacks targeting Los Angeles Jews outside the Adas Torah Synagogue. And, no, it's

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'Al Jazeera on the Potomac': WaPo Reporter Taylor Lorenz Boosts Defenses of Los Angeles Synagogue Protest

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz on Monday pushed a false claim that a Los Angeles synagogue was auctioning off Palestinian land this week—a conspiracy theory that led to violent, anti-Semitic protests outside the Jewish house of worship on Sunday.

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LA leading race to the bottom as America's Antisemitism Capital

The pogrom outside a synagogue is the latest event giving Los Angeles the lead in the race to bottom as America’s Antisemitism Capital.

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"They came for the Jews": Inside the LA Pogrom | Caroline Glick In-Focus

A pogrom in the LA Jewish community; Pro-Hezbollah and Pro-Hamas protests crop up across America; AOC spreads antisemitic rhetoric and a new white house hir...

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American Institutions Have Chosen Breakdown and Disorder

It’s about 25 miles, as the crow flies, from a particular street corner in Thousands Oaks, California, to Congregation Adas Torah in Los Angeles. Another way of saying that: It’s