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RealReal handbag expert explains why Hermès Birkin bags are expensive - Business Insider

Birkin bags are the ultimate status symbol, commanding resale prices as high as $500,000. Unless Hermès knows you, resale is the only option.

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8 Home Products that Can Make our Life Better - The Architects Diary

Home is a place that ensures protection, comfort and ease. If any of these is missing, you may not be able to feel fully at home. You do whatever it takes to get the feeling of comfort that you deserve after a long hectic day at work.

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Selling My Estate Jewelry: How To Tell What’s Valuable - Luxury Asset Buyer & Collateral Lender | Vasco Assets

How do you determine the value of your estate jewelry?
Following the steps below, you can begin to sort out which jewelry has value. It will allow you to create a pile to keep, having more sentimental value than actual value, and a pile of estate jewelry to sell.

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Need Money to Pay Taxes? - Luxury Asset Buyer & Collateral Lender | Vasco Assets

Tax season has arrived. If you don’t have ready funds, there are many ways in which you could get the money to pay your taxes . Below we will guide you through a few different options that could be your saving grace when it comes time to pay the tax man

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What is a Luxury Commodity Asset and why should I care? - Luxury Asset Buyer & Collateral Lender | Vasco Assets

Not all that many people know the answer – Most people don’t realize that buying luxury items, normally a sentimental or passionate activity, can also be a store of value and can even appreciate. When buying luxury, whether it’s a watch, a diamond,

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The Top 10 Most Luxurious Trains in the World

The top 10 most luxurious trains in the world right now: with routes that go far beyond your imagination, and a magical mix of elegance and breathtaking views