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7 Mistakes That Make Your Makeup Look Cheap | Bored Panda

Makeup is an integral part of life for most women. It’s their armor and their weapon at the same time.

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Lancôme and Photographers Duo Mert & Marcus Announce a Flaming Hot New Make-up Collection

/CNW/ -- Lancôme and Mert & Marcus unveils a unique make-up capsule collection. The world's leading luxury beauty brand and the photographers duo bring their...

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Best Hair and Makeup at the British Fashion Awards 2019 | POPSUGAR Beauty

We rounded up the best beauty looks at the 2019 British Fashion Awards, including Zara Larsson, Rihanna, Little Simz, Rita Ora, Emilia Clarke, and more.

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The Makeup Industry’s Darkest Secret Is Hiding In Your Makeup Bag

Nine thousand miles away, in a remote village in India, children are risking their lives to bring you the shimmer in your makeup.

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What the Game of Thrones Cast Looks Like in Real Life

To mark Game of Thrones' Season 8 premiere, we're revisiting our favorite characters of present and past, and what they really look like beneath the makeup, wigs, and special effects that turn them into citizens of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Celebrating the Feminist Who Knew the Power of Makeup

It wasn't always about the #nomakeup selfie .

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This Anti-Aging Concealer Is Selling Out At Target Because It Makes Dark Spots & Wrinkles Disappear

A good concealer is hard to come by, especially one that hides dark spots and wrinkles. Find the best concealer at Target and more at SheFinds.com!

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I Tried $139 Worth Of Red Lipsticks — & My Favorite Was From Target

We tried the most popular red lipsticks, and this $13 pick beat out the competition.

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12 Secrets We Learned at the Makeup Show Trend Report Event | Allure

We went to the Makeup Show Trend Report in New York City and learned foundation tips, blush tricks, and this year's hottest lipstick trend.

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21 Best Foundation Makeup Tips – How to Apply Foundation for the meta title

​Life-changing ways to use foundation to create an even complexion, conceal dark circles, hide zits, and more.

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Big Drop in Chemical Levels in Girls Who Switched Cosmetics | State of Health | KQED News

UC Berkeley study finds that girls who switched for just three days to cosmetics labelled free of certain chemicals saw a significant drop.

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11 Brilliant Beauty Buys From Target That You Need To Discover

If you ask us here at HuffPost Lifestyle, we hit up Target for the beauty buys. Boasting aisles and aisles of affordable goodness, the Target beauty section is the place to go if you're looking to glow without breaking the bank.

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Here's What 7 People Look Like With and Without Contouring

Contouring, while super popular, isn't for everyone — it's a specific look that takes T I M E and effort. That's why Cosmopolitan.com tasked makeup artist Jackie Seabrooke to work her sculpting magic on seven models who don't normally contour their faces. Here are their before-and-after shots and what each person thought of their new look.

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That Makeup Ad Is Probably Lying to You | TIME

Only 18% of all claims made by cosmetics in a new study are considered acceptable, according to new research released Monday.

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Slideshow: Banish the Bags Under Your Eyes

Want to know what causes those dark circles and bags under your eyes? We have expert answers and tips for treatments, including home remedies.

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Blush Application - How to Apply Blush

Look. I hate everything more than Kanye West hates everything, but one thing I hate less than all the other things is blush. (I heard you say "weirdo" under your breath.) Why?

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The Best Makeup for Dry Skin: 10 Hydrating Foundations, Blushes, and Lipsticks for Restoring a Healthy Glow

If the makeup you once counted on for an instant swipe of color or an all-over healthy glow is no longer packing the same transformative impact, it’s not your imagination.

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Top Off Your Mad Men Halloween Costume With This Retro Makeup Look | InStyle

In need of a last-minute costume? If you have a retro-looking dress in your closet, you’re already halfway finished with your Mad Men-inspired ensemble! We teamed up with makeup artist extraordinaire Sandy Linter of Rita Hazan Salon in New York City to transform InStyle.com Fashion News Assistant Kelsey Glein into Betty Draper-Francis, and she gave us step-by-step instructions on how to create the look on yourself.

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How To Get a Bronze Summer Smoky Eye - Step By Step Metallic Smoky Eye

Bronzes, coppers, and light browns make for a sultry date-night look and work on any eye color.