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Illegal Alien Was Wearing ICE Ankle Monitor During Murder of Houston Girl

 This editor continues his challenge: name ONE competent person in the Biden administration. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was impeached by the House but the articles of impeachment are languishing on Sen. Chuck Schumer's desk.

Politics | Illegal Immigration

House Republicans Back Down on Mayorkas Appearance, Instead 'Demand' Written Testimony

 On Wednesday, the House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green (R-TN) "demanded" written testimony from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, apparently instead of having the Secretary testify in person.

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PODCAST | On This President’s Day Our President Tempts Fate?

Listen now | On this President's Day, our President, regretfully Joe Biden, is over in Ukraine shooting his mouth off about how the US is going to probably end up giving F-16s to Ukraine further embedding the United States into that conflict to a poi

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McCarthy Begins To Build Case For Mayorkas Impeachment

Kevin McCarthy began to build the case for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas's impeachment Thursday.

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PODCAST | Censorship, Disinformation & War...It Isn't Cool to Be a Democrat Today

With Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff showboating for film crews in Ukraine to pretend they have done something besides demonizing half of America for the last year and a half - and Biden's new effort to stomp out your freedom of speech, it's just n

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PODCAST | Maybe DHS Should Consider Putting a Fence Around Disney

As DHS Secretary Mayorkas humiliates himself before Congress in continuing to push the false narrative of the snowflake "domestic terrorism" threat, perhaps the Left could better serve itself by putting a fence around Disney Woke-World given that Florida&

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As MS-13 Gang Members Are Caught at Southern Border, DHS Focuses Efforts on Non-Violent Freedom Convoy

If you aren’t yet convinced that the Bill of Rights is under attack by what can now only be correctly defined as the fascist-Left, this story should be the weight that tips the balance. If it isn’t then our Republic is lost further down the path to el

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Biden DHS Declares 'Heightened Terrorism Threat' in a Massive Pre-Election False-Flag Operation

Rahm Emanuel said it clearly, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Progressive Democrats (now emerging as the fascist-Left) have understood for almost a century that crisis is a fundamental requirement for societal transformation. The Biden administratio

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House Republicans Start Impeachment Proceedings Against DHS Chief

A House Republican announced a long-shot bid to remove President Biden's top border official in response to the worsening situation at the border. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), whose district sits close to the US-Mexico border, announced he will file articles o