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When Medicaid Comes After the Family Home

The letter came from the state department of human services in July 2021. It expressed condolences for the loss of the recipient’s mother, who had died a few weeks earlier at 88. Then it explained that the deceased had incurred a Medicaid debt of m

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Medicaid enrollment falls for first time in 11 years as economy boosts incomes

Medicaid enrollment fell for the first time since 2007, declining by about 0.6 percent in fiscal year 2018, and states don't expect to see much growth in enrollment next year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

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Report: Medicaid And Obamacare May Be Incentivizing Opioid Trafficking And Abuse

One of the largest entitlement programs in the country is incentivizing prescription drug trafficking and exacerbating the national opioid epidemic, according to a Senate report. The Senate Commit

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Lawmakers are accusing Mylan of overcharging Medicaid for the EpiPen — and the stock is tanking

Mylan could be facing another issue when it comes to the EpiPen, a drug that has seen a price increase of more than 500% since 2007.

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CBO Misses Its Obamacare Projection by 24 Million People

Three years ago, on the eve of Obamacare’s implementation, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that President Obama's centerpiece legislation would result in an average of 201 million people having private health insurance in any given month of 2016. Now that 2016 is here, the CBO says that just 177 million people, on average, will have private health insurance in any given month of this year—a shortfall of 24 million people.

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The Maze of Foster Care and Health Care

Laticia Aossey was bounced around foster homes for years but was not prepared to have her health insurance cut off at the after she didn't fill out paperwork on time to continue Medicaid after aging out of care foster.

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As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care - NYTimes.com

Just as millions of people are gaining insurance through Medicaid, the program is poised to make deep cuts in payments to many doctors, prompting some physicians and consumer advocates to warn that the reductions could make it more difficult for Medicaid patients to obtain care.