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Was the Inception Ending a Dream? - Michael Caine Just Ended the Debate About the Final Scene of Inception

Michael Caine confirmed what happened at the end of Inception during an introduction to a screening of the film in August last week

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The Fourth Protocol: So much espionage pedigree, but unfairly forgotten

Tom Jolliffe takes a look back at The Fourth Protocol, a surprisingly little known cold war era spy film packed with espionage pedigreeā€¦ The Cold War era spanned from post Second World War until the beginning of the 90s. There was a perpetual feeling of p

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Michael Caine announces likely retirement from acting at 88 | Daily Mail Online

Sir Michael Caine announced in an interview this week that he is probably retiring from acting now at the age of 88. The legendary screen star was on BBC Radio 5 to promote Best Sellers.