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Charles Barkley’s breakup with Michael Jordan proves his greatness

It still pains Charles Barkley. He and Michael Jordan were once best friends, but they don’t speak anymore. “It’s disappointing and it hurts a lot,” Barkley said. A couple of years ago, Barkley sai…

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Michael Jordan says he could beat Charlotte Hornets players one-on-one - LA Times

It's been more than 12 years since Michael Jordan played basketball professionally, but time doesn't appear to have worn away any of the competitive nature which helped made him a six-time NBA champion.

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Poll: 34 percent of NBA fans think MJ could beat LeBron 1-on-1 *right now* | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Reminder: Michael Jordan is 52 years old, and LeBron James is averaging 28 points per game in the NBA playoffs.

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Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for third on NBA's scoring list (Video) | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers legend has just eclipsed the player he modeled his game after.