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Where to Find the Best Eames Chair Lookalikes (That Don't Cost $10K)

If you’re really good at sex, you probably own an Eames.

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How To Decorate Your Home Like Don Draper's Apartment In Mad Men

Obsessed with the mid-century modern, 1960s style on Mad Men? Here are some tips for how to decorate your home like Don Draper's apartment in Mad Men.

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Demolition Begins at the Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel | National Trust for Historic Preservation

An update on one significant loss from the 2020 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list and some good news on others.

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Is this the world's most glamorous airport hotel? Inside JFK's Sixties-inspired TWA Hotel

Jane Mulkerrins felt like an extra on 'Mad Men' when she stayed at the new TWA at JFK

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Midcentury modern design got its start as Cold War propaganda

Before midcentury was a household name, the State Department used MoMA’s “Good Design” exhibitions to sell the American vision of consumerism abroad.

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DIY Midcentury-Style Plant Stand - A Beautiful Mess

Hey, it's Mandi! You guys, this project is so easy I almost feel like I shouldn't be calling it a project. It's a pretty simple concept that's not really anything new—attach legs to wood and call it a plant stand!...

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Thank the Jews for the "Mad Men" Aesthetic: How They Designed the Modern American Home

The mid-century modernists who fled Hitler helped shape a visual aesthetic that's still pervasive, as shown in a new museum exhibit.