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‘The Whole World Is Watching’

In August of 1968, Chicago was the focal point for the apex of the antiwar protests during the Vietnam War. It was also the location for the Democrat National Convention. The two collided and erupted into several days of violent confrontations culminating

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PODCAST | The First Major Failure Of The Other Brandon

Listen now | I’d like to talk about an upcoming piece – “The Whole World’s Watching” – about the chaos and violence, and shootings in Chicago that happened over the weekend, April 15th, 2023. We need to address the ideological philosophies and

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Millennium Park Gets Metal Detectors, Security Checkpoints As New Curfew For Teens Begins

Visitors at Millennium Park said they weren't fazed by the added security measures. But some Chicagoans online called the move an "embarrassment" for the city.