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Did Han Solo Use A Trick Of Einstein's Relativity To Make The Kessel Run?

As the new Star Wars movie, Solo, premieres, let's look at the physics of how his most famous achievement might actually be possible.

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How Much The Millennium Falcon Would Cost In Real Life

How much would it cost to bring a fictional spaceship to life? As it turns out, a huge amount of real world money.

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Watch a Scary New Millennium Falcon Scene in the Chinese 'Force Awakens' Trailer

The U.S. theatrical premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is little more than a week away, but Chinese audiences have to wait until Jan. 9. Maybe that’s why Disney saved some brand-new Star Wars footage for this new Chinese trailer (with an introduct

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Han Solo has to be filthy-rich to run the Falcon, engineers say - CNET

Owning the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy would require a considerable amount of money just to keep it flying through space.

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Watch — Then Build — This Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

A few months ago, the Star Wars references were strong about French quadcopter videos. Now, Olivier C has taken it literal. Olivier built a skin for his custom DIY “Prophecy 335″ drone that transforms it into a Millenium Falcon clone.

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This Millennium Falcon is the drone you've been looking for

Youtuber Oliver C created a custom drone replica of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

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New Pics And Video Show Off Star Wars Episode VII’s Millennium Falcon, X-Wings

If you just can’t get enough Star Wars news and leaks, you’re in luck. New pictures and video from the set of Episode VII have hit the net, showing off some of