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All The Reasons Those Walking Dead Pigs Probably Won't Make The Saviors Sick

When The Walking Dead introduced Ezekiel to viewers last weekend, he did quite an intriguing thing involving pigs, walkers and The Saviors. Here's why that plan isn't what some fans thought it was.

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New Walking Dead Teaser Hints Negan Victim

A new Walking Dead teaser features Negan heavily, but we're more focused on a notable absence.

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Call me crazy, but I'm happy Negan is about to put TWD survivors through hell

Jeffrey Dean Morgan just hinted that dark times are indeed ahead for Rick Grimes and his crew on The Walking Dead. But that could be good.

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'The Walking Dead': 6 Predictions for Season 7

From who Negan killed to how Rick will defeat the Saviors, there's a lot coming next season in 'The Walking Dead.' Here are our predictions.

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Walking Dead Season 6 DVD Will Include Uncensored Negan Finale

The Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD will include an uncut version with profanity reinserted

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The Walking Dead’s Mystery Death Spoiled By Okja Casting News?

A regular Walking Dead cast member has been cast in Bong Joon-Ho's new movie Okja, which will film at the same time as The Walking Dead season 7.

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The Walking Dead Theory About Negan's Victim in First Person | POPSUGAR Entertainment

By now, we all know that The Walking Dead's sixth season has concluded in the way we dreaded most: with a cliffhanger. As soon as we're finished processing all of our feelings about the finale and hate-reading the showrunners' defense of their decision,

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'The Walking Dead' Postmortem: Even Greg Nicotero's Mom Doesn't Know Who Negan Killed

'The Walking Dead' director Greg Nicotero on Negan's kill and why it's okay to make fans wait.

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The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman on Negan's heartbreaking introduction | EW.com

Fans of The Walking Dead are excited about the impending arrival of Negan in the season 6 finale on April 3. And they’re not the only ones. The man who created Negan, Robert Kirkman, talked to EW about watching the character come to life before his eyes

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The Walking Dead: Lennie James Says Negan's Finale Introduction Is Phenomenal

The Walking Dead fans better wear soft shoes. Everyone is anxiously awaiting Negan's introduction on the AMC series but they'll likely learn the phrase,

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Walking Dead Ahead: The End of Carol?

After an assault on Negan that was perhaps… a tad too easy to execute, Rick and the gang celebrated their victory. Unfortunately, a moment later they found themselves at the mercy of Carol and Maggie’s captors, presumably more Saviors that were on a s

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Lauren Cohan Talking About The Walking Dead | POPSUGAR Entertainment

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead ends in utter chaos. The good news is that we find out what happens to Glenn, confirming that we were fortunately right about his survival. The bad news? The epilogue teases the arrival of Negan, who's kind of a