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‘Never Again’ Is Right Now - The Messenger

This must be a moment of reckoning for the many spaces that allowed antisemitism to fester and percolate

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The brutal truth about 'Never Again'

Don’t be fooled by the temporary Israel-Hamas ceasefire

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When We Said “Never Again,” We Meant It

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When We Said “Never Again,” We Meant It
Posted on October 21, 2023 by Victor Rosenthal
My heart is breaking. What I surmised yesterday, but was afraid to write has turned out to be true. I have never wanted to be wrong more than I do this morning. But I can’t pretend that “it will be OK,” as Israelis like to say.

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Nearly 20 percent of millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust: survey

Nearly 20 percent of Millennials and Gen Z in New York believe the Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a new survey released on Wednesday.

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Whose Lives Matter?

This won’t be a popular piece with those who will likely call me out on it, and use every name in the book for me where none applies. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write it. So here goes.

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When 'Never Again' Means Nothing

Vague expressions of upset over an event that took place 75 years ago are no substitute for the hard-nosed defense of Jewish survival that Israel represents.

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7 Israeli Initiatives Embracing High-Tech For Holocaust Education And Remembrance

Forty-nine delegations from countries across North America, Europe, and Asia are set to converge in Jerusalem on Thursday for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum organized by the World Holocaust Forum

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The possibility of a new Holocaust with the reincarnation of antisemitism

The era of “never again” is ending in Western Europe, fading in North America and never penetrated the Middle East.

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Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivor Murdered in Paris: We Cannot Be Silent Anymore

Keren Brosh brought many in the crowd at The Algemeiner’s fifth annual “J100” Gala last Thursday in New York City...

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Palestinians Stab, Stone, Shoot Jews, UN Condemns Jews

“In a mad world, only the mad are sane,” said Akira Kurosawa. At the center of this mad world lies the United Nations.