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Give Yourself A Career Christmas Gift and Start the New Year Off Right | Workplace Coach Blog

Give yourself a career Christmas gift and start the new year off right by dreaming, deciding and dedicating

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PODCAST | Okay, Let's Try This Again...

Listen now (28 min) | Before we get to Friday's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch in which we talk about the federal GOP, Joe Biden, Southwest Airlines, and a variety of other incredulous and disturbing things, I wanted to take a mom

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PODCAST: On This New Year's Eve 2021 We Hope for Many Things

Most of us can't wait for the year 2021 to end, even as the year 2022 holds a lot of unknowns and unknown-unknowns. But with every year comes new possibilities and opportunities along with the challenges it holds. Matt and I talk about forest fires,

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Make Something Special Happen in 2021 - Workplace Coach Blog

Make something special happen in 2021; this is the year to realize your dreams's; 3 effective strategies

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18 things to look forward to in 2018 - CNN

Let's try and make this the best year in... at least a year.

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The overlooked international stories of 2015 (and how they might change 2016)

What was the most important international story of 2015? For many, the obvious answer might be the global threat posed by the Islamic State militant group. Others might say that the nuclear deal between Western powers and Iran could be more important. Another likely suggestion would be the refugee crisis that engulfed Europe, a crisis that seems likely to change the continent both demographically and politically.