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Mike Lindell says he lost $7M in failed mask venture touted by Trump: "Can't give them away"

Lindell first announced the venture in the White House Rose Garden last March, alongside former President Donald Trump and several other CEOs.

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Cop Resigns After Carving Swastika Into Fellow Officer's Vehicle

Officer Timothy Tufts had joined the police department of Marblehead, Massachusetts, four years ago.

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Most Number of People In Need of Food This Thanksgiving Since Great Depression, Data Shows

Roughly 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 4 children in the U.S. are struggling to meet their basic food needs this holiday season.

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TikTok users troll Trump's voter fraud hotline in viral videos

Social media pranksters are calling into Trump's campaign team to taunt operators with false fraud accounts

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Newsweek, Suckered by Trump, Grudgingly Corrects Thanksgiving Story

It's Thanksgiving, and we have the usual holiday stories: the Pilgrims, Turkey pardons, how to talk to your reprobate #deplorable parents, and how President Trump is failing the nation by not observing Thanksgiving correctly.

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Disgraceful: Newsweek Glorifies Ilhan Omar On Its Latest (And Most Vile) Cover | Daily Wire

On Tuesday morning, Newsweek debuted its latest and greatest vilest cover story. It is a true doozy.

The magazine tweeted, "NEW COVER STORY: How [Ilhan Omar] Is changing the conversation about Israel—and upending the 2020 campaign."

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What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek | TechCrunch

Tech has some issues. You read trade pub stories about sexual harassment and assault allegations so often it's absurd. Newsweek, which just discovered there..