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Corporate 'Woke-A-Meter': Report reveals companies at highest risk of 'woke capitalism'

1792 Exchange President Paul Fitzpatrick explained how consumers hold 'incredible power' to counter the 'woke' capitalism trend in corporate America

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Nurse Fired For Refusing Implicit Bias Training In Latest Equity Hurdle For Hardworking Americans

Laura Morgan of Texas was a nurse for 39 years before being fired from for refusing to take the required implicit bias training.

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American Express CRT training urged staff to adopt a hierarchy, putting 'marginalized' above 'privileged'

American Express launched a critical race theory training that urged employees to check their privilege and defer to employees from "marginalized groups," essentially creating a workplace hierarchy.

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Defense contractor Raytheon teaches employees critical race theory, leaked documents show

Defense contractor Raytheon has been promoting and applying critical race theory to its workforce since at least 2020, according to internal documents.

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Man Gets 8 Months Prison for Entering Capitol, While BLM Cases Dropped

A man who engaged in non-violent protest at the Capitol was given eight months prison, while hundreds of BLM cases have been dropped.

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Professor singles out 'average White guy' in lecture, says skin color benefits him over Black students

A Penn State professor singled out an “average White guy” in a lecture and used him as an example of how his skin color benefits him over any Black student.