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What Do We Mean by Three Kinds Of Time? - Gordon Training International

Many times, the cause of problems and conflicts in families is an imbalance in the way that parents and children spend time. In P.E.T., we talk about

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Ohio police officers lure pet pig back to owners with Oreos | Fox News

Authorities in Ohio had to think outside the box Friday to try and lure a missing pot-bellied pig back to their owner.

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Cool Gifts For Pets

Cool gifts ideas for your pets, or for pet owners who love their animals as much as they love their kids. Tags, collars, and other cool & unique stuff!

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Best Communication Tools & Handbook!!

Have you ever thought of sharing P.E.T. with others?  Hear what Peggy has to say about her rewarding experience teaching P.E.T.! Dr. Thomas Gordon's, Paren

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The Human Brain as a Word Cloud, on a Shared Drive

In research reported Wednesday in Nature, neuroscientists at the University of California at Berkeley created a comprehensive atlas of neural patterns sparked by spoken language.

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A fat cat on a treadmill under water

Trying to lose some weight. The original unedited video.

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How the Evidence of Today Supports the Wisdom of Yesterday International

Why Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Works Article by:  Larissa Dann More and more parents are educating themselves on the best way to bring up their