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How Much Is G-d Involved in Our Lives?

Our journey has value—not merely as a means to a greater end, but in and of itself.

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Jewish Wisdom: Joseph's Message - Vayigash

It was not enough for Jacob to discover that Joseph was still alive physically. He needed to hear that he was also alive spiritually.

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Can You Travel Back in Time? Kind Of… - Parshah

One of the most powerful tools we humans possess is the ability to rewrite our own past by reframing the story.

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Torah: What to Tell Yourself When Things Go Wrong

In the meantime, it’s dark, confusing, and difficult. That’s only because the process of getting to a deeper place can give space for negative consequences. But just around the bend is a time, a space that is even deeper and greater, that it will make thi

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A Rift Extending Across History - Chassidic Masters - Parshah

From the rivalry between Leah and Rachel, through the animosity between Joseph and his brothers, the clash between Saul and David, the split between Judah and Israel, to the dual nature of the messianic redemption—a rift and twinship that extends across h

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: The Consolations of Mortality

Before any of the deaths are mentioned we read about the strange ritual of the red heifer, which purified people who had been in contact with death – the archetypal source of impurity. That ritual, often deemed incomprehensible, is in fact deeply symbol