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Simple Caramelized Onion Pasta Recipe

Caramelizing onions is well worth it for the buttery, deeply umami results of this simple yet sophisticated pasta dinner.

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French Onion Pasta

One-pot French onion pasta is a highly impressive weeknight meal—and one that won't create loads of dirty dishes. Learn how to make the viral French Onion Pasta recipe at home.

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Creamy Saffron Butter Pasta Recipe - Tasting Table

This creamy saffron butter pasta is surprisingly easy to make. It requires just a few pantry staples punched up by beautiful color and flavor of saffron.

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Zesty Pasta Al Limone Recipe

Equal parts bright and comforting, this lemon pasta is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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Jewish Facts About Pasta Plus 3 Recipes

Jewish cooks helped invent pasta - and continue to innovate today.

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Million-Dollar Spaghetti Recipe - Allrecipes

Everyone from the kids on up to the grownups will love this creamy mixture of spaghetti and ground beef baked into a casserole and topped with lots of Cheddar cheese.