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The Importance of Pet Insurance – Occasional Reminders

It took only a minute to trace the blood to its source: the backs of Woody s hind legs. In horses, we d call this area his pasterns: between his paws and the knobby hock joints the place where he skids when he s sliding to a halt from a run. On one of tho

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Should you buy pet insurance?

A year ago, one of patty Glynn’s three dogs, a five-year-old Chinese Crested named Merry, became ill and very nearly died. It turned out that she had inflammatory bowel disease and required transfusions, among other care. Blood work, emergency vet-hospi

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Basic Overview - Video Dailymotion

If something happens to your pet, are you prepared to pay its vet bills? You don’t have to worry with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Watch this video to get a basic understanding of how pet coverage works.

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One News Story Tells Us Why We Must Have Pet Insurance - Video Dailymotion

One heartfelt news story helps you make the right choice about whether or not getting pet insurance is the right thing for you.

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Shield My Pet is the web's premier source for finding reliable and accurate information about pet insurance.

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