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Different Kinds of Trips: Brian Wilson Reflects on 'Pet Sounds' 50 Years Later | NOISEY

Wilson revisits his masterpiece on its 50th anniversary and gives some insight into his recent biopic and long-awaited autobiography.

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How Pet Sounds Invented the Modern Pop Album

Brian Wilson’s Beach Boys masterpiece paved the way for auteurs like Kanye West and anticipated the rise of the producer.

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The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds Celebrates its 50th Anniversary: Artists Pay Tribute to the Eternal Teenage Symphony

If ever there was an artist so perfectly able to tap into the creativity of his inner child, it was Brian Wilson. In the time leading up to the May 16, 1966 release of the Beach Boys' grand masterpiece Pet Sounds, Wilson—who was only in his early twenties—erupted with a manic wellspring of ideas, visions, and fleeting thoughts.