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Beer Recipe For Beginners: Chocolate Porter Beer Recipe

If you are just starting out at home brewing or if you are just a big fan of a nice English-style Porter beer, you have to try out this great Chocolate Porter beer recipe. It is a great beer recipe for beginners.

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Porter vs. Stout: What’s the Difference? Beer Sessions

Can you tell whether this photo is of a porter or a stout? We can’t! These are both dark beers with a similar range of malty, roasted, and bittersweet flavors. They also both have a reputation for being fairly heavy and for making us feel quite toasty w

Food & Drink | Beer

Fuller’s London Porter Clone Recipe (All-Grain and Extract)

Try out this Fuller's London Porter Clone Recipe. There's both an extract and all-grain version of the recipe. Find more clone recipe at E. C. Kraus.