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I tried a 2-week negativity fast. Here's how it went

Want to be more positive in 2024? Here's how to know if a negativity fast might be right for you.

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The Flip Side of Toxic Positivity: Emotional Perfectionism

Emotional perfectionism is related to toxic positivity. But instead of urging others to look on the bright side, emotional perfectionists expect themselves to be unfailingly upbeat.

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Why Negativity Is Infectious

When we reframe negativity and instead focus on progress and positivity, we're all able to come together as a community.

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The Positivity Trap

Trying to be relentlessly positive is an exhausting and often useless pursuit.

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Thinking Healthy - Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom

The Baal Shem Tov taught, “Where a person’s thoughts are, that’s where he is, all of him.”

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Health Effects and Tips for a Positive Mood

Good health and happiness are closely connected, but did you know that you may be able to improve your health by increasing your positivity and happiness?

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75 Examples Of Hilariously Positive Graffiti

Even the simplest scribbles have a purpose of expressing an opinion, frustration, or simply affirmation that one exists and wants to be heard.

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How (Not) to Fight Evil - Chapter 14 of Positivity Bias

How often do we wish we could be kinder and more loving? Who hasn’t wished that they could curb their impulses to satisfy momentary needs? Who doesn’t want their good deeds to outshine their selfish ones?

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8 Steps of Gratitude That Will Change Your Life

You can’t force change. You need to allow it. And a key to allowing is accountability. When we take accountability for every aspect of our life we are in the most powerful position to allow change to occur. Implementing these eight steps of gratitude wi

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The Parental Happiness Gap Is Largest In The US

Do children make you happier? It depends in which industrialised country you live.

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3 Ways to Instantly Remove Negativity From Your Life

Conflict Cannot Survive Without Your Permission - Dr. Wayne Dyer Trying to maintain a healthy, positive attitude isn't always e...