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Presidents didn’t always pardon turkeys. Some birds became dinner.

Or sometimes they became pets, like when President Lincoln's son kept the bird and named it Jack.

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Marco Rubio Uses Obama's Own Words Against Him After Former President Calls for 'Decency'

When Obama invoked 'decent' or 'decency,' however, he spoke exclusively of Democrats.

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Did William Henry Harrison Really Die of Pneumonia?

People are still torn over the belief that the ninth president died of pneumonia after not wearing a coat to his inauguration.

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The REAL Worst. President. Ever.

People are debating who will be more disastrous for the country, Trump or Clinton. But James Buchanan takes the cake.

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Former first lady Nancy Reagan dead at 94

Famous for her anti-drug crusade in the 1980s, the one-time actress had many passionate pursuits both in and out of the White House

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Is Trumpism supplanting Reaganism? - Conservative Intelligence Briefing

The Briefing, Vol. III, Issue 28- This week: Can anyone or anything stop Donald Trump? The American Right’s island of misfit toys

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All 43 Presidents, Ranked by How Hard They Partied

You want to know who the "Gentleman Boss" president was. Trust us.