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Inflation TikTok: Creators Share Increased Cost of Groceries

TikTok videos about inflation and the cost of living are going viral as people share the increased prices of everyday grocery items.

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PODCAST | The Biden Price Hikes & The Choice Of A Lifetime

As Joe Biden stupidly saber-rattles war in the Pacific Rim, we here at home are suffering from his i

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Narrative Fail: Business Prices Fall Despite Rising Tariffs | Breitbart

Critics said tariffs would be a tax on U.S. consumers. The recent data on producer prices, however, show higher costs are not getting passed on to American consumers. | Economics

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Fed's Beige Book Economic Report Another Vindication for Wilbur Ross

Manufacturers say they are worried about tariffs and the tight labor market. But consumers are not feeling the bite of rising costs. | Big Government

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You Can Save on Airfare (If You Know the Tricks)

Want to save on airfare? Pick your travel days wisely, don’t shop too far in advance and know when tickets will be offered at a sale price.