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How (And Why) to Build Some Boredom Back Into Your Life

Believe it or not, sometimes not doing anything at all is the most productive thing you can do.

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Unhappy Employees: Fix the Problem by Changing the Workplace | Workplace Coach Blog

Unhappy Employees: Fixing the Problem by Changing the Workplace: One employer and one employee at a time: 3 concrete strategies that work

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Unhappy Employees, An Essential Truth, and Solutions | Workplace Coach Blog

Unhappy employees, an essential truth, and solutions that work to increase employee engagement, motivation, productivity and retention

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Employee Works a 2nd Job and Works a Con on His Manager – Workplace Coach Blog

Question:  I supervise a talented but difficult employee, whose performance has always been spotty but recently went downhill. Lately, “Scott” has dragged himself into the office every morning. He looks exhausted. His eyelids half-close during staff

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How to improve concentration: Tips and when to contact a doctor

People may improve concentration by eating well, taking frequent breaks from tasks, and getting more sleep. Learn more tips to boost focus here.

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Workday Dead Zone & The Triple Peak Workday | Workplace Coach Blog

Employees have changed how they’re working—as wise employers race to catch up. Here’s what’s new: Workday dead zone Managers and …

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Low Morale? Employees Lost Heart & Disengaged? Here’s How to Fix That with Team Building That Goes Beyond Rah-Rah

Low morale? Employees disengaged? Here's how to fix that with team-building activities that go beyond rah-rah to real.

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Free Podcast on How to Build Accountability…In Yourself, In Your Employees | Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability: free podcast on how to create accountability in yourself, in others, on how accountability is a game changer

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Enticing Employees Back into the Office: 3 Strategic Employer Mistakes | Workplace Coach Blog

Return to the office: enticing employees back to the worksite: 3 strategic employer mistake that kill morale, productivity & retention

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Inflation’s Impact on Employees and the Workplace | Workplace Coach Blog

Inflation's impact on employees and the workplace: financial worries and other the stunning survey results

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Digital Presenteeism: Faking You Care, Faking You’re Even There | Workplace Coach Blog

Digital Presenteeism: Faking You Care; Faking You're Even There; the trend, the costs, what employers, managers and employees need to do

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Quiet Quitting: The New “Just Say No” Employee Pushback | Workplace Coach Blog

Gone are the days when most employers could count on employees competing to go “above and beyond” to rise faster …

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A Crucial First Step Many Managers Forget To Take | Workplace Coach Blog

onboarding: a crucial first step many managers forget to take

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This Is What Elon Musk Did the Day He Bought Twitter. It's an Amazing Lesson in Productivity

This story about the day Musk's Twitter deal closed reveals a key insight into how he runs multiple companies. Hint: It's not by multitasking.

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The Open-Plan Office Is Dead. Do This Instead

Three ways to convince employees that commuting to work is better than working from home.

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You’re not a failure. How to get past a setback and back in the game

We all get stuck in a rut. This author and consultant to top sports stars offers some surprisingly simple advice for a mental reset.

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Sneak Preview (free): Here's Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader's Toolbox: Chapter 1 - Workplace Coach Blog

Please let me know what you think.

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Time for a Game Change - Workplace Coach Blog

Game-changer: accountability: tools, tactics, and strategies

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No Love Lost: What Do Employers Need to Realize to Keep Employees Onboard? - Workplace Coach Blog

Employees are heading for the doors in droves. What do employers need to realize & what can they do?

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5 Action Steps for Regaining Trust - Workplace Coach Blog

When employees or coworkers no longer trust you, they don’t tell you. Why would they? They don’t trust how you …

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No Love Lost: Employees Head for the Doors - Workplace Coach Blog

Employees leaving their jobs in record numbers--employers need to "get it" and act fast?

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Managing Post-pandemic - Workplace Coach Blog

Managing post-pandemic, offer your employees location & schedule flexibility for their benefit and yours

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Performance Reviews: Dread Them? Ditch Them? Replace Them? - Workplace Coach Blog

Performance reviews; why don't they work and what's a GREAT alternative?

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Prove You Respect Your Employees & Their Investment in Your Company - Workplace Coach Blog

Employee development boosts employee engagement, productivity, profits, morale, and retention--discover ten no-cost/low cost methods for providing employees development opportunities.

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Your Employees Know the Truth; Ask Them - Workplace Coach Blog

You know your company has problems; conduct skip-level meetings to get to the truth.

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How to Regain Motivation When Your Productivity Starts to Fade

When we’re struggling to stay driven, these tips will help you reset and regain motivation.

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Team's Productivity | Inc.

Three key areas that can help you and your teams be more productive during, and after quarantine.

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Know People Who Brag About Being Too Busy to Get Enough Sleep? Science Says They Might as Well Say They Came to Work Drunk

While for some not getting enough sleep is like a status symbol, research shows it symbolizes something else entirely.

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New Study Reveals Why Working from Home Makes Workers More Productive

How do virtual and in-office workers differ? It might surprise you.

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Do This in the Morning for a Better Workday

A new study suggests that people who have mentally prepared for the workday by thinking about their work goals have a better work experience.

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Great Tips to Stay Focused and Increase Productivity and Happiness

Strategies to avoid the pitfalls of distractions and interruptions, improve your cognitive control, reduce goal interference, and aid your distracted mind.

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Some ways to increase productivity!

Your desk doesn’t need to look the same as everyone else’s to mean you’re organized.

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When you should aim for ‘good enough’ rather than perfection

There are some instances where doing a “good enough” job is sufficient. But when you’re not in a life-or-death setting, aiming for perfection shouldn’t be the goal.

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Be More Productive At Work If You Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

Getting less sleep on a regular basis doesn’t necessarily mean you'll get more done with all that extra time on your hands. A recent study reveals that people who battle sleeping problems may actually be less productive on the job. 

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15 Easy-To-Miss Things That Will Definitely Change Our Lives For the Better

For many years, humans have invented things that make our lives easier in every way. There are many objects that we use on a daily basis but never notice their true purpose. Here we have some interesting facts for you.

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Why--And How--To Prioritize Weekly One-to-One Meetings | Inc.

Still conducting annual performance reviews? The case for meeting 50 times more often.

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This Morning Routine will Save You 20 Hours Per Week

The traditional 9–5 workday is poorly structured for high productivity. Perhaps when most work was physical labor, but not in the knowledge working world we now live in. Although this may be obvious…

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Stanford study: Long hours don't make you more productive

When it comes to your workday, less is more...but that can be a challenge for many. The constant chase can make even the most seasoned executives feel overwhelmed, and as a result, they work longer hours. But one Stanford researcher argues that longer hou

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Can Big Science Be Too Big? - The New York Times

A new study finds that small teams of researchers do more innovative work than large teams do.

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Listening To Music While Doing Work 'Significantly Impairs' Creativity, Study Finds

Listening to your favorite band while chipping away at a presentation for work or your memoir may not lead to your best stuff. While it's often thought that having background music on actually boosts creativity, a new study finds that it actually can do j

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Report: Aluminum Tariffs Boost Jobs, Production, Investment

WASHINGTON—The U.S. aluminum industry was on the brink of extinction a year ago, but it is thriving now ...

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Marie’s Top 5 Productivity Tips - All Things Konmari'd

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The Painfully Obvious Productivity Advice I Guess I Needed to Hear

The best advice from Amber Rae’s Wonder Over Worry, a new self-help book that will be published in May 2018.

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How Social Media Actually Boosts Efficiency in an Office Environment – Adweek

Employees who take quick breaks can decrease stress and increase morale.

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2 Tools That Can Help Small Business Owners with Reminders, Invoicing and Time Management

Having the right toolbox can help with making sure opportunities don't fall through the cracks.

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How to Get Out of a Meeting You Know Will Waste Your Time

Without offending anyone.

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Top 27 Productivity Hacks of 2018 | Inc.com

This new year, kiss your inefficient and time-wasting habits goodbye.

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8 Simple Tips for Getting Better Sleep (and Making Every Day Better)

Learning about how to master the art of sleep has changed my life for the better -- here's how it can change yours.

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10 Distractions Every Serious Blogger Should be Aware Of

As a serious and focused blogger, you need to be aware of the major blogging distractions which can harm your efforts, brand and reputation.

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8 Expert-Approved Time Management Tips | Mental Floss

We’ve all lamented that there aren’t enough hours in the day or laughed at memes that tell us the road to productivity is paved with cups of strong coffee. (They’re funny because they’re true.) But researchers contend that completing work on time—and well—doesn’t have to be a constant race against the clock. Add these tried and true action items to your to-do list for a more successful day—caffeine drip optional.

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Ivy Lee Method: The Daily Routine Experts Recommend for Peak Productivity

There is a simple method that business consultant Ivy Lee taught his clients to increase their productivity. Read this article to learn it.

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5 Reasons Why Practising Gratitude Is Great for Your Business

Entrepreneurs and established business owners can benefit enormously, both personally and professionally, by incorporating the practice of gratefulness into

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17 Great Apps That'll Make Your Life Easier

Always looking for new ways to get more done at work, and quickly? Check at these 17 apps to boost your productivity throughout the work week.

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3 Tiny Tweaks That'll Double Your Productivity + Optimize Your Life

When it comes to conquering your demons and reaching for your dreams, here are the three simplest changes to make for the highest impact.

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Working Remotely Makes You Happier and More Productive

Remote workers also feel more appreciated.

Advice & Self-Help | Empowering Tools for Growth

The done list is a productivity hack that’s the opposite of a to-do list.

I have a complicated relationship with to-do lists. They are undeniably useful for plotting out your day or week ahead of time, and they can be a great ...

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Science: Look At These Cute Cats to Boost Your Productivity

Looking at cute cat photos has potential work benefits according to a study by Hiroshima University researchers.

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Why your brain likes it when you multi-task

We’re told that multi-tasking can leave us with an attention deficit and make us less effective. Claudia Hammond investigates.

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Why Resilience Is Good for Your Health and Career - WSJ

Why being resilient is good for your health: Companies coach employees in how to be positive and productive in spite of stress and disruption

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Chronic Procrastination – How To Cure it and Get on With Your Life!

To stop postponing important decisions and start living now you should left behind procrastination. I'll show you how.

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7 Steps to Stress-Free Sunday Nights | Inc.com

Rather than lying in bed anxious about Monday morning follow these steps get some sleep and wake refreshed and ready to fearlessly face your work week.

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9 Free and Must Have Business Productivity Tools For Every Startup Entrepreneurs

9 Free and Must Have Business Productivity Tools For Every Startup Entrepreneurs!

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How Temperature Effects Your Productivity

How the air temperature of your surroundings affects your personal productivity.